Bottarga Powder by Trikalinos

What is this?


Dehydrated, grated Bottarga. Natural product without preservatives, with nutritional value and a pleasant long-lasting aftertaste. It holds a prominent place in the international market of gourmet products.


What makes it so special?


Produced exclusively from Grey Mullet Roe, recognized as the best roe for Avgotaraho production.




Use it as “salt & pepper” (just a pinch before serving: it will enhance the aroma of boiled and grilled fish and make them a dish worthy of Michelin stars. Even a plain seafood or vegetable risotto will take off, both as far as taste and presentation are concerned, with the Bottarga powder. 


Available in 50gr / 1,7oz retail Jars and 250gr / 8.8oz wholesale jars.


Trikalinos Premium Grey Mullet Bottarga, among Ferran Adria's 30 unique and healthiest food product choices, in Hannah Collins' new book: 

"The Fragile Feast, Routes to Ferran Adria". 




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