Glace, Demi Glace & Souvid


Glace is a stock that has been reduced napé (coats the back of spoon). It is nothing more than a concentrated stock, which has been reduced by 75% or more, and is jelly-like when refrigerated without the addition of starch or gelatin. 


Demi Glace (Half Glaze) is a mixture of equal proportions of brown stock and brown sauce that has been reduced by half. The Demi, or half glace, is just what it sounds like. The amount of reduction is less than for a Glace, but produces an incredible foundation from which to produce award-winning sauces. Prepared with fresh roasted veal bones, fresh mire poix and herbs. Simmered, reduced, thickened and seasoned.This economical, ready-to-serve sauce can be turned into a signature small sauce by simply adding an ingredient such as horseradish, mushrooms, or peppercorns.

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